Shyleswari Mohan

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Co-existence, how does it happen?

Life can be made simpler.

“A ship is safe in the harbour but that's not what ships are built for”.–by John A. Shedd .

Diversity and differences  sometimes can be abrasive and rub off each one. The variety while causing collusion and anger, unless we can transcend it, does not allows us to live in peace. It is peace that is paramount to us. We need to re-look at this.

Sure different fish, trees, seeds, flowers, animals even all live in harmony and simply carry on doing what one has to do. The simple tenet that one can follow is no comparison. Comparison often leads to competition and many a time our means to the end can be questioned.

Working at my goal: It just does not matter where or what or when the other has achieved, as long as I am focused on what I need to make me happy, because only I know what will make me happy. All I then require to do is, simply follow through with my intentions.

This does not mean that I need to be self-absorbed and excluding; it simply means to give space and allow the others to live in their space – Cutting out all unnecessary drama, if we can live without it, persecutor, rescuer and victim hood. It makes our life a lot simpler.

Believing that each one of us has a purpose, grace and ability to work, achieve and recognise our qualities and live. Underlying this, we need to bring in self-awareness at a very young age. Understanding oneself and others around is a very good place to begin.

It’s important to get out of my own way and do get out of others way.

Life can be made simpler. 


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