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The Simultaneous act

If you want to ask one question to the universe, ask yourself, “What are you giving to others that will come back to you?”

Years ago, when my Mother turned sixty, she was looking at all the stuff we had collected, Teak tables, bound reader’s digest what not and she commented , at one point in our life, we go on a chase acquiring and then at a later stage, we look at who would like to take this? I was puzzled and thought really? Won’t there be people who would take “All” the stuff at the go!

My Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati had commented , “The one who gives is extremely fortunate only when there is someone to receive and with Gratitude”.

The wisdom of giving and receiving struck me very hard last Sunday. An angel with no wings, but two feet, landed next to me. As I boarded the   6 O’clock flight in Indigo, I shoved my cabin luggage to my utter dismay; I saw that my hand bag was missing.

A cold wave flowed through me. I told the flight attendant that I lost my hand bag . She was very reassuring and said she that she would find out. After a few minutes, she came back to say that they were not able to trace it. A cold wave spread over me wondering what to do? Then they told me, they would make all arrangements to search for it. I was ambivalent When suddenly, it struck me that I had no money, no credit cards, and no ID for any emergency.

A young girl in her late 20’s was seated next to me. Said Ma’am, where do you have to go?, I will drop you , I was dazed looking at her. So, she said don’t worry they will find it.

The flight landed and I got the information that the hand bag was safe in Chennai airport. This young lady took me to a restaurant at a ATM and gave me 2000 rupees, for expenses. I was mortified and refused. She insisted, and stoutly refused to give her account number nor her address. She dropped me at the workshop venue, I went on for my workshop, but I was aware that I was not fully present, somewhere I was still amazed at how this young lady, appeared from nowhere and became my guardian angel.

One of the lessons I learnt was, Giving and recieving are actually the same, it was like an infinity symbol, where it flows from one side to another.

Giving cannot happen without a receiver. Receiving is actually an act of giving. The exchange and separation is created by the mind, and the cognition tells us that there is an equivalent . In truth, there cannot be an equivalence, when the sun shines, it shines, it just gives.

When I look at us, human, our ability to quickly to calculate the cost and benefits, we are expecting pulls up into a vortex of transaction.

Whenever I have given, I have never, thought too much about it. But to receive, it took a different heart and a mind that had to eat my pride and keep my heart open with gratitude.

It was huge lesson in understanding an open heart and a compassionate mind are both essential qualities to open, to giving and receiving.

Food for thought indeed. What do you say??  

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