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You are more than what is seen

Consider this usual everyday introduction.


My name is Ashok, working for Global Landscape, as an Asia Pacific-HR.


My name is Vani, and I am a home-maker.

It’s become an unconscious speech, that we introduce our role, that we carry in our work or other spaces. It is as though our name and who “we” are , has not got enough significance, and that there is a strong urge to tell what we “do”, therefore we add where and what role, title, position, we carry-into our work. Otherwise, we are nobody.

Last week, I bumped into an old friend, Jineesh, he looked so lost, thin and spaced out. Over a cup of coffee, at a small cafe called “Finger Fries”, he shared how he was now without a job. He spoke about the financial vacuum, identity vacuum, and a social vacuum, that he felt. I could feel his loss, pain and diffidence in comparison to how he was in his factory 18 months ago, when I worked with his colleagues on a Coaching assignment.

When I left him, it made me think, at several levels we believe that the roles that we play, the career which we choose, and the social perception of us- is Me!

Like my Guru says “If a monkey sits on a tree, will it become a monkey tree? Or a crow sits on a car, will it become a crow car?”.

This realisation surfaced, that we can draw a boundary to the roles we play and hold a reasonable perspective.
Just because I wear a hat, I don’t become that person. It is useful to remember that it is a hat I choose to wear and I can remove it and become Jineesh again.

As long as I wear that hat, I can be true to my role, once I take of that hat, I am free to wear another color, size or shape, of hat I choose, but I do not become that hat.

In a person’s life, there are several roles that we play, the question to ask is “Am I doing justice to all the roles?” Am I happy and satisfied with the value and quality of the roles I play? .

For a deeper understanding , let’s look at the Wheel of life and the roles I play.

Wheel of Life

If the centre is zero, and the outermost circumference is 10, as a rating. 

How much would I rate myself in terms of self satisfaction. O is the lowest, and 10 is the highest.

Sample  - Marked with rating

This will reflect an image of the several roles I play and where I am , in relation to my satisfaction. What more can I do to be more robust and happy as a person?.

We need to move beyond affiliation with roles, and look at assimilation as a focus. The most powerful benefit would be that we have a holistic view of myself instead of a narrow pin hole view.

Food for thought indeed. What do you say?? 

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